Saturday, June 7, 2014

60 Seconds Inside a Bimbo's Head- Summer

Finally, summer is here and I am ready. Poolside, beachside, I am ready… Wait a minute, beachside is really “Beach, in front of” … How does that work? Are you in front of the beach or in front of the water?... Doesn’t matter, I’ll be rockin’ my new six hundred dollar swimsuit... Teddy seems ready. He sure put up some bucks. I’d have to work a week in that cubicle for that kind of money….Of course, I can cover Teddy in three short minutes…Small price to pay to lay out…literally…Wow, that comes out to, what, two hundred bucks a minute...I’m such a slut. Is that the price for my virtue, just two hundred dollars a minute? ... Well, a duh to myself… it’s a six hundred dollar swimsuit...I wonder if I ask Teddy to last longer, I could get a better swimsuit? Then I’d look good, like the swimsuit models in those weight loss commercials… They always rock their swimsuits……Gosh, I’m so fat…Maybe I could go an extra minute with Teddy for a really expensive sarong…One that really says summer is here…cause I’m ready.