Saturday, December 19, 2015

Larry's Latest Laughs #1215

Coming up in the news:

Experts say to adapt to the cold on Mars you should live in Antarctica...To adapt to the cold in Antarctica you should live with my ex-wife.

Norway is now "paying" Syrian refugees to leave the country. They're putting them on a dingy and telling them it's a Viking River Cruise.

Officials now say the first human head transplant will take place in China. The surgeon doing the surgery is No Kah Ting Wong.

Now a study shows being a vegetarian is bad for the environment. For some that must be one hell of a dilemma .

The doctor to the stars they called "The Father of Botox" has died in Palm Springs. Everyone at the funeral had the same expression.

I just read smart car seats can now tell the driver's physical and mental state. A really good one can detect hemorrhoids.

A comedian has been elected the president of Venezuela. He'll be in his office every Thursday and wants you to try the veal.

I just clicked my Facebook "2015 Year in Review." It said better luck next year.

and finally...

I was in Walmart the night before Black Friday. There were extremely long lines everywhere, in all departments, winding through the store. I waited in one for two hours then found out it was the ladies' bathroom.