Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Replay of the Relay

           Last Saturday was a memorable one, broadcasting from the “Relay for Life.” It gets bigger each year and we were informed this year Terrebonne Parish’s Relay for Life is the biggest in the state. That’s a pretty big feat but not surprising. Love abounds in Terrebonne. I moved here for nine months over thirty years ago. (I do warn all new transplants.)

            You can’t help but be moved when you walk away from “Relay” because each year the disease touches more lives and each year you see someone from your past that you didn’t hear had to join the fight. Or, you see friends whose family is now going through the experience but it didn’t come up in everyday conversation.

            The Illumination Ceremony this year, where lights are placed around the track and lit to honor those who have lost the battle, hit home the most.

            A very close family member, in the upper generation, who has already beaten cancer and who has now been diagnosed with another type of cancer, came to mind often.

            While watching the fireworks, the finale of the ceremony, I couldn’t help but think of that person each time the initial firework was catapulted into the sky and exploded into the array of colors. I thought of it as them igniting the next generation, my generation. Then the delayed sound of the explosion, reminded me that when someone dear to you is gone, the spark of life will be there again, through all that they had ignited.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Want it Now

When “Illegals” get the American Dream,
And have to break their back-es.
Will that smile be on their face
When they start paying taxes?

When same sex marriage
Is the norm will couples have remorse?
Cause now they can lose all but half
If in a bad divorce.

When stardom is what someone gets,
The money, fame, and ease,
Take the lumps, it’s what you want
When you’re at Chuck E. Cheese.

When teen moms realize their wish,
The child to make them whole,
And boy friends who then sleep all day,
On the government’s dole,
Legals, and gay couples,
And stars will all be told,
Be careful what you wish,
We all will pay the toll.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

You SOB's are pushing me to the edge.

In conversations I find myself talking to people who would like their songs played on the radio. One of the more interesting answers I get when I ask, “Who does it sound like?” is “It’s unlike anybody else,” which lets me know they suck because even “originality” has been done.

I ask that question to get a reference.  At least narrow your sound to a genre. I need a category, a place, a starting point. 

Everything has been done, “they say,” and of course someone can surprise you through their voice musically or their words printed on a page but being shocked in this day and age seems to be what "they" want, and with plenty people now shocking just to be noticed, in all aspects of media, all things “edgy” is a whole new genre.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another Reality Show Cancelled

I’m so very sad.

A Facebook friend who posted constantly has gotten a grip, until now not realizing everyone is the same. A love life of trials and tribulations, posted with sincerity, is no longer there for me to digest.

No longer will I contemplate a cycle of heartbreak, awakening then
euphoria, heartbreak, awakening, euphoria, and then heartbreak, every time I scroll.

No longer will others “comments” perpetuate that cycle, feeding into my friends reflection of a self that had me wondering

“WTF. This is one, bi-polar ass bitch.”

It calls to mind a bad karaoke singer
privately ridiculed while on stage then applauded,
only to get up and sing again,
to an array of whispers unknown.