Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 (A short) Year in Review

By: Larry Hyatt

Obamacare was #1.
Republicans cried, “Ain’t working.”
My doctor said,
“Now, touch your toes,”
And hope we're only twerking.”

Pope Benedict resigned,
He wanted out
Said, “That is that.”
Pope Francis who’s a modern man,
Put Wi-Fi in the hat.

The Royal Family had a child,
Its gender kept hush-hush.
The potty is now regal, too.
And makes a royal flush.

The China Rover, it reached Mars,
They claim was for a stake out.
With all the great buffets down here
Seems far to go for take-out.

We lost a bunch,
Thatcher, Cory, Mandela, Gandolfini,
He’d shoot you right between the eyes
Then claim I’m not meanie.

Archie’s wife, Mr. Winters,
George Jones hung up his boots.
Ester Williams, too.
Men loved the way,
She filled those bathing suits.

The break-ups they came, many
Hollywood loose as a goose.
Chloe, Sister Kim
Their momma
Left her stretched out husband, Bruce.

Perry and the Mayer,
Mike and Catherine Zeta Jones,
But she knew he was a play-a.

Taylor Swift and Harry Stiles
Could not make amends
David and now Courtney Cox,
Officially are friends.

The world moves on
2013 is history that we’re sure.
The next year will bring crazy times,
Of that we must endure.

Our third rock it keeps spinning,
Farther into space,
May in the year 2014
You finally win the race.

May you have a wonderful and Happy New Year!