Saturday, March 29, 2014

I thought koobug would get a kick
On finding all of this.
You may have heard it all before
From Americans so thick.

I’m not from Wales
And by the way
I think there’s black four score. has found
It’s way down to the core.

The red hair from McClelands,
It always had to be.
But Hyatts I found dropped the “Von”
When they had crossed the sea.

I’m looking into why that I
Sing gospel as I do.
I even throw a move and rap,
Eat soul food when I’m through.

I’m Irish, German/African,
My father didn’t recall.
His mother’s side
Would never put,
Pictures on the wall.

I have these things
I can’t explain
Eclectic I know now.
I think I’m Euro-seein,’
From now I will use

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