Sunday, August 16, 2015

Larry's Latest Laughs #141

Heinz is laying off 2,500 employees. Company officials said, "Well, we want to lay them off but we can't get them out of the factory.

A 12 year old girl got a 162 on an IQ test making her one of the smartest people in the world. After finding out she said, "I'm like so surprised. Like I think I'm getting like Corporal Tunnel Syndrome from like texting all my friends."

Today is National Underwear Day! If you're supporting please be brief.

Peru officials made "first contact" with an isolated tribe that has never seen civilization. Things got weird when the leader emerged with a "Vote Trump" badge."

A report says China has been reading Obama officials e-mails since 2010. The Chinese called the hacking scheme, code name, "Wonton Dupe."

Arnold Schwarzenengger's 68th birthday is today. His latest catch phrase, "I hurt my back."




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