Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's enough to make a dead guy vote

I haven’t written about politics on these pages because I figured you didn’t want to hear more mundane views but with the terrible economy, the banking disaster, the threat of Iran, Health Care and climate change I feel compelled to jump on a soap box and take sides on something so vital to our health and well being and say, “Damn! They have some hot chicks in politics these days”
As a teenager I admired Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, even Lindy Boggs. I thought for her to run for her husband’s senate seat, after her husband was never found following a tragic plane crash, and be elected to the office was impressive. I admired the female leaders of yesterday, women who made me feel safe and secure, unthreatend. Who the hell would screw with any of those ladies? Not me. Not in the biblical sense.
Today, we have female politicians that look like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and Michelle Obama, ladies who take care of themselves and know looking good is important. I do have to admit, I wouldn’t run from Mary Landrieu at a crawfish boil if she sucked the heads and pinched my tail.
Times have changed and so has the look of the female politician. Like any leader the better looking you are the more you’ll be watched and admired and that of course is what you want when you’re running for office. It doesn’t necessarily say you’re going to do a better job then a less attractive person but looking good gets us to remember their name or at least, make us remember “the hot one,” and that translates into votes.
The first thing good-looking politicians should do for the country is get rid of the ugly people, to hell with the homeless. Politicians should get rid of the homely. They seem to be starting with themselves.
Scott Brown the senator from Massachutees posed semi-nude for Cosmopolitan in 1982. That, I am certain got him more votes then not and when the girls talked about it on “The View” and conveyed how hot they thought he was I’m sure millions of women goggled the image and saw for themselves he would be an “upstanding” senator.
Posing for cheesecake photos wouldn’t work for female politicians. It would be the death of her. It’s a double standard.
Sarah Palin was photographed as a beauty contestant as a young woman and her critics used it against her. She was also on the cover of Runners Magazine in running attire, she looked great, healthy and fit, as though she just closed the library and was going for a jog. Newsweek Magazine put the same photo on their cover and I wondered why they didn’t use a picture of her in something more appropriate for a news magazine. Maybe they didn’t have “Time” to get a better picture. You be the judge.
When I ran for freshman class president in high school I ran against two hot chicks, friends that were very popular. Luckily, the two hot chicks split the vote and I became freshman president. I now wonder what would happen if Sarah asked an up and coming female republican to run along with her for president, a fiery redhead would be ideal. I would call it, “ The Mary Ann-Ginger Ticket.”
Or possibly, if Hillary runs and picks a young female democrat to run, another blonde would be ideal. The staff could all be blonde and I can call them “Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends.
Imagine the fun we would have if only women were running for the top office in the land. Not only would we have the first women president and vice president of the United States we would have Nancy Pelosi third in line and the estrogen would be oozing out of the oval office. A picture of one of them in a blue dress, in the Oval Office would be worth a thousand words. Invite “The View” and tape from the White House.
That’s highly unlikely but it would be a hell of a build-up to November 2012 but even better the critics of both sides couldn’t bring gender and “bimbo-ism” into the mix if it was all girl power.
I like my politicians to be attractive. They don’t have to be but it’s a plus and with television it’s almost a certainty that they look good. Not necessary “hot” but good.
Look at the work done on the older politicians. Plenty of them have done it. I don’t blame them and if they go under the knife, especially while they’re young we won’t notice the difference, because the trick to plastic surgery is to start young and hope you don’t live long enough to look like you’re stretched tighter then a regular Joe’s dollar in today’s economy.
I hope I live long enough to see Sarah Palin at eighty and the on going tweaks to her face she would have had done. I guess I could compare it to Joan Rivers. You see I’ve never seen an “old looking” Joan Rivers. I know she should look much older than she does but without seeing a transformation backward I have nothing to go with.
Hot politicians are here to stay and maybe that young “lady”, and I use that word loosely, in the “Girl’s Gone Wild” video will not he hampered by the decision to raise her top and yell very enthusiastically, “Woo! Woo! Par-ta! Woo! Woo! Girl’s Gone Wild.”
May it never come between her, her hotness, and being a pillar of her community. This is Louisiana; if it doesn’t, the dead guys would give her the vote.

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