Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine's Day Story

A Valentine’s Day Story

The two lovers, after a long road trip from Louisiana, parked the car before the tall line of protective trees that no others have disturbed. He turned off the engine and they both smiled at one another knowing their secluded spot, the sun setting and the time they would share would make for a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift to each other.
They opened their doors simultaneously, and she felt the cool breeze escaping through the trees, hitting her face, and while smelling nature all around, finding it a bit sharp for February was always a little cool and winter had not yet released it’s grip.
They each proceeded to the rear of the car and grabbed from the trunk the blankets and a tent, a lamp, a picnic basket with their last name written on top, full of things she prepared that were his favorites, a bottle of Merlot and the two appropriate glasses. Today was a very special Valentine’s Day, a day for these lovers to unwind and entwine in a place they feel in love.
With the things they needed they proceeded to walk through the trail, the trail only they have forged, him slightly in front and she only steps behind, taking slight moments to hear the birds, take in the stark winter woods and notice how the narrow dirt path has changed over the years. As they walked, he, her hero, would move for her the lower pieces of stray branches or tiny limbs that have overgrown their way and mention all the rocks or chancy footings, for he loved her more than life itself and to see her fall would be so sorrowing.
When they got to the small rushing creek he carefully grabbed her waist, helped her over, and as their faces met, stole a quick kiss that she readily returned and the two once more remembered in their woods what it was like to love and be loved.
After some time the clearing behind the trees could be seen in the distance and the way to their destination they enthusiastically anticipated. Looking back smiling, he mentioned, “We’re almost there, just a little bit more.”
“Yes, I know”, she confirmed. “I can hear the water.”
On the final ascend he grabbed her hand tightly and they trekked upwards to view what she enjoyed the most, their steps larger and more forceful to make the climb and when they reached the crest they were awed by it’s magnificent power, again, together, they saw the view of the ocean.
The water, far and wide is what she finds tranquil and serene, and to relax on the beach whatever time of year with the white tipped waves moving in and out touching her life, even if but for only a moment, lets her mind subside.
“It’s beautiful” she sighs, “God, I love the beach.”
“And just look at that sun, setting over the water,” came the reply.
“Thank you for bringing me here,” she said, and without a word he grabbed her forcefully but only with passion and drew her tightly toward him.
They kissed, deep and long, for they were in the world all alone, a world only for true lovers. They fall to the sand still embraced and looking up he notices the streaks of orange light, clouds of white and the sparse yellow rising from the horizon to above their heads. He is convinced that something so breathtaking can only be for him and his love for this woman who makes him complete.

They start to un-pack, slowly now, because they’re together for a night in the place she loves, so to rush now would spoil the mood. They cheerily pitch the tent, speaking of the dunes, the waves, and shape of the landscape, and how the sunset, which they both sat on the beach and witnessed, has made this Valentine’s Day perfect.
With the beach now dark and the moonlight shining on the water, “Hey, let’s take a walk,” he says as he drives the last steak and secures the ropes on the tent, “We can speak to the moonlight as it follows us along the beach.”
She laughs saying, “Well, as long as it doesn’t tell anyone what I’m going to do to you later when we get back to the tent.”
He gives a large grin and says, “ In that case I’ll whisper.”
Walking alone on the beach, hand in hand in the now starlit night they spoke of love, of life, of a future, and how each place an intricate part in what they are and what their relationship through the years has become. They speak of the times in their lives when things worked and didn’t, but forged on to create something that together could beat any odds that came. It warmed their hearts and made this special day so much more a part of their togetherness.
Back at the tent, a tent just big enough for two, the wind had picked up and they went inside. Still clothed from a chilled evening they opened the wine, poured it, toasted to Valentine’s Day and to lovers across the world, the sound of the touching wine glasses solidifying their love rang through their beach but for no others to be a part of.
As they lay side by side, facing each other he reached over and lightly kissed her, she opening her mouth slightly to feel his lips and to absorb his intention. The tent went warm and the moonlight through the thin fabric was enough to see each other’s shadowy form.
He slowly caressed her face and kissed her more passionately, she pushing back and letting their tongues explore. He let his hands slide from her neck to her shoulders and slowly pushed off her coat, she in-turn arched her back and it fell to the tent’s floor. He kissed her again, harder now, she hungrily returning his advances, this time her hands moving to his belt and undoing his pants. He hurriedly pushed them the rest of the way anticipating more and while kissing her, with one motion went upward with the bottom of her sweater and pulled it above her head. Another quick motion lifted her bra and before it came completely off, buried his head in her chest to taste her skin, his tongue darting over her breast with licks and caresses.
His shirt was next and with her two hands she gripped his collar and pulled in opposite directions, buttons popping, adding to the passion, and now it was her turn to taste her lover.
As the tent grew hotter, she then wiggled out of her jeans and in moments they were naked, bodies meshed, in their tent, on their beach, under their moonlight, and in each other. This is what their Valentine’s Day was to become, hot, unbridled, and crashing together with the sound of the waves.
This was their moment in time, true love enriched through intimate thoughts, intimate places and intimate knowledge. An unveiling love enriched through, marriage, kids, grandkids, and time, a love that has lasted 50 years, you see, this is the place where these two lovers came their first Valentine’s Day.

May one's love last forever.

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