Sunday, April 25, 2010

I think I'll try verse.

I've been looking over verse lately and thought this week's exercise should have some. The arts and politics do collide so together shouldn't be discussed at a cocktail party. Especially, at a fund raiser.

How do you know there’s too much government?

When you go to buy a Popsicle and they don’t give you the stick.

You buy a bigger candle and it doesn’t have a wick.

You’re paying too much health care and it still means you’re sick.

You buy a Gillette razor and in the package you get Schick.

The jobs they are a fleeting but the stimulus is on.

The farmers they are hurting and still it twists their arm.

It doesn’t know it’s own self and keeps conflicting harm.

It’s big; it’s enormous, it’s like the mastodon.

It’s twelve trillion dollars; I’ll never earn that much.

For future generations, I hope you find a crutch.

You can’t yet feel the price tag, you wouldn’t know as such.

It’s up to us to H.E.L.P. them now, so please no matter what side you’re on, Honor, Educate, Lead and Prosper,

In God we all should trust.

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