Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Valentines Day 2012

Love is in the air. I should know. They call me cupid, which rhymes with stupid, and is why we have a love/hate relationship.
It isn’t easy being me, sharpening arrows to just right thickness then firing them delicately through people’s hearts? They go astray from time to time and guess who gets the blame? You got it, Cupid here, the one you asked, sometimes prayed, to strike while the irons hot.
Let me tell you, I’ve heard them all. “Please, let him be the one,” and “Please, don’t let her leave me,” and when things don’t go your way, I take a hit. “I’ll never fall in love again,” is what you resort to. You forget that Love is grand. Love is what makes the world go round, and Love is a bottle of tequila and the hot person you just downed it with but I don’t hear you asking me for any salt and lime. Sometimes, I get no respect.
Here’s something else, Valentine’s Day is entirely too close to January 1st. The powers that be have me working overtime in winter with nothing on but a sash. It’s freezing out here and where the hell, I’m sorry, heck, am I suppose to carry a cell phone? Hey! Higher power! “Give a cherub some knickers for God’s… well, your sake.”
And, another thing, people sit there in the dark blaming me for their problems after only a few rounds at this thing called romance. Look, I’m part of something bigger, what I do is just the first step. Somewhere, somehow, I get nudged to the side. Lust creeps in and he doesn’t even wear a sash. You’d think him, you could recognize. Go figure.
Anyhoo, I know when I take aim you’re not always with the “one and only.” What you would call… I hate to say it, “soul mate.” Who the heck is? Believe me, there are many soul mates for each of you, some of you, too many. That alone should make you not take me for granted but you do, ignoring what’s right in your face, her special friend on Facebook, his co-worker, and by all means, watch out for the person listening more intently than you are. I know love can go wrong. Hello? Does a “May-December relationship” ever sound like a smart thing?
My point, never take me for granted.
Let’s be honest. For me, piercing you with the arrow is the easy part. What I long for comes when commitment takes hold. That’s when the magic starts, when that yearning inside starts to build, to consume, the desire deepening, heating to a boil, and miraculously you want to elevate yourself, give and not demand, go beyond what you thought was humanly possible, emerge empowered and try to find something in my world. I don’t blame you. From up here it’s pretty sweet.
And when everything works out, two minds, two bodies, and yes, two souls latch together, two of you become one. Then, my friend, my work is done. That’s what I seek. That is what makes me reality.
Dad gum it, I love this job.

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