Sunday, April 29, 2012


By Larry Hyatt

WASHINGTON. With the President’s Secret Service now having stricter guidelines amidst the Cartagena incident, President Obama’s team has wrapped its arms around the Hooker-Gate scandal and will now use Baptist to fill the holes left by resigning Secrets Service members.

President Obama, in his enthusiasm was quoted as saying, “We need men to fill openings who won’t try to fill an opening, men in positions who are not prone to get in positions, men who get their groove on without getting a groove on. You know what I mean? ”

Aguilera “Boom Boom” Martini, spokesperson for the Cartagena council, welcomes the new regulations. “People don’t realize how hard it gets, working with government officials. Hopefully, now, I won’t have to pretend I’m not dancing.”

The Obama administration does expect only a few to apply and one unnamed official stated, “When given a chance to serve our country, our fellow men and women, and the world population as a whole, its change we can believe in.”

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