Saturday, May 5, 2012

Space Shuttle Enterprise Found on Blocks

By: Larry Hyatt

NEW YORK, NY- “Enterprise” the space shuttle that is to become a museum exhibit was discovered on concrete blocks this morning outside its resting place in New York City, stripped like a automobile, presumably by teens caught up in the excitement of having a piece of Americana. Gone were the wheels, seventy-five percent of the heat panels, and most of the experiments. One teen, who wishes to remain anonymous said, “You think it wooed the crowd when it flew over the city, you should have heard ‘em when we stripped that Mo-Fo in fifteen minutes. It was a work of art, man…so was the shuttle…that sucka was big.”

Kareem Ali-Ja-Wawa, the man placed in charge of watching the spacecraft said,

“I only turned my attention away for a second. I got hungry. Even in prison we got lunch.”

NASA officials have stated that they will rebuild Enterprise with parts from the shuttle Discovery and the larger pieces recovered at the scene. One NYPD spokesman said they are in control, “We are on top of it. That stolen nuclear experiment that explores Black Holes, we found that in a Starbucks.”

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