Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dueling Divas

By Larry Hyatt

London, England: In an unprecedented attempt to seem once again relevant and garner more publicity after exposing her nipple and baring her butt on stage, Madonna has agreed to let bygones be by gone… days gone by, and embrace Lady Gaga as the superstar talent she is. The Madonna/Gaga tour is in now the works.

Breast falls to the floor.

After putting her breast rightfully back in her bra following an exposure incident at a concert in Istanbul, Madonna damaged more concert goers’ eyes by exposing her bare buttocks to the concert crowd in London. In an English accent, not understandable to English born citizens, Madonna praised Lady Gaga but stated she will not go so far as to wear a meat dress at the upcoming America shows as Gaga did. Rumors are swirling that Madonna has indeed tapped Chef Rachel Ray to design a rip off of a Versace design involving soup and salad.

Lady Gaga-just gaga.

Upon hearing the Material Girls’ kudos, Lady Gaga was quoted as saying, “To be accused of stealing someone’s shtick, then having them verify my place in pop culture is enough to make me want to steal more. Besides, she stole too. There are only eight notes in a musical scale and she’s used them all as well.”

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