Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mickey? Andy?

           With the death of Mickey Rooney, many news anchors, when telling of the news, have gotten the names “Mickey” and “Andy” mixed up. Both were famous “Rooneys,” but both, now being dead, won't care. I don’t think so, anyway.

            I’ve been called the wrong name a few times in the public forum, it, always giving me a chuckle, my mediocrity being somewhat of success. On live TV during a telethon the co-host kept calling me Larry Wyatt. The third time I felt compelled to correct him, and added, “Well, at least we now know who’s a bigger star.”

            Also, the wrong name was put in a program by a community theatre group who had me listed as Larry Hunt. I was playing the lead. They apologized and said they would change it but it was the night before opening. Being community theater and rather amused, I said heck no. I figured I’d get much more mileage out of friends opening the program and start laughing before I even take the stage.

            Years before I moved to Houma, La. there lived a very popular Reverend Hyatt who actually had red haired kids and naturally people putting two and two together would come up with three and mistake me for one of his sons. When asked how my father was, I would say, “Oh Lord, he’s drinking again and running around on my mother with Mrs. Steck. The young women who worked at the church. It’s not pretty.” (Just kidding, but it would have been funny.)

            I’ve received mail, with my address on the envelop sent to Larry Flint, Wyatt Hyatt, Larry Byatt (which I thought was a key punch mistake) and others. Plus, when Larry Hite gets arrested and shows up in the police beat, people think once again, Larry’s in trouble.

            If I went to another market I’d use a handle on the radio. I like the idea of taking a local lake in the area and put the name “Blake” in front of it. There is a lake in the area pronounced “Da-cad.” “Blake the Cad” has a rebel attitude that might be fun to work with. Blake Erie sounds like it would be a lot more fun.

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