Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who Owns Mardi Gras?

The powers that be of Mardi Gras in Terrebonne Parish,  the largest Mardi Gras celebration outside the city of New Orleans, has decided, in an unprecedented move, to move the parades of Lundi Gras and Fat Tuesday to the Sunday before, four parades in one day. There will be no parades Monday or Tuesday. The weather is “supposed/will be bad.” They can and they did. But, do they own Mardi Gras or does the public?

To the riders who say, I spent “all that money,” only to be greeted by the few stray diehards, ask yourself, when you spend all that money on deer season and don’t kill a deer, is it the same?

Tourist, who were invited to our city, by our city, next time check our weather before you book the flight. It didn’t mean to tick you off by coming here for nothing. I guess it figured it has the oilfield money to back it up. Oh, wait. Never mind.

And, that religious thing, it was forty days and forty nights, not forty two. But, hey, things have moved up. Let’s have that crawfish boil on Wednesday instead of Good Friday and be done with it. Of course, that’s “if” the weather is supposed/will be bad.

For those who say Mardi Gras is not cancelled but only the parades have been moved, why not get the Easter Bunny to deliver his eggs on the Saturday before Easter. I mean if the weather is going to be a problem in South Louisiana let’s just scrap it all, call it “Mardi Houma”, and move everything to a sunny day picked in between February 12th and  March 15th.  I do advise you not to screw with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but then again, we can have that any time the Irish get drunk. Rain or shine.

What about the businesses? “Well, at least now the distributors can buy back all the extra stock I bought in preparation for the festivities,” that’s a quote I heard, by NO business owner in Terrebonne Parish.

Now, I do want to wish good luck to the last krewe to roll on Sunday. Hunker down at Southland Mall. You will be there waiting for three parades to move before you. It’s not your fault. I honestly hope you enjoy your day. I’m a purest when it comes to Mardi Gras. Look at my previous post.

I would have loved to been at the meeting as the powers voiced their opinions. Was the move because of the bad weather, the chance to get Mardi Gras over with, or was the money spent by krewe members far too much for them to be cheated from a miraculous ride, disrupting tradition?

Whatever it was, it has now been set, a weather related precedent for any festival, 5K run, or non-profit function. Get the city to move them for you, free of charge. Postpone them, wait fifteen minutes, or, if you’re worthy, the actual day of the event could change and accommodate not only you, but all those involved, because now we know, it can happen. It was done for Mardi Gras.

Here’s some good thoughts though, we give up drinking two days early for lent and at Rouse's and Cannata’s, the price of king cakes should plummet Monday morning.



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  1. People of Terrebonne rise up against this oppression and take the streets on Mardi Gras day , show these two bit elected hacks who they work for , beer and king Kake for everybody . Mardi Gras is our right as well as our tradition OUR HERITAGE now let get out there and debotcherize this motha