Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Larry's Latest Laughs #416

Duck Dynasty' star Willie Roberston will join Fox News as a contributor. He's expected to wing it.

I told my wife it was Poison Awareness Week so she asked me not to cook.

The wife and I had Easter dinner at Golden Corral with two of the grand kids. Asked her why she kept making trips to get us all desserts. She said to add steps to her Fitbit.

A 100-year-old woman was booted from her California home for disrupting the neighborhood. Her mother said she just doesn't know what to do with her.

 A 78 year old weightlifting grandmother from Illinois can dead lift 225 pounds. When asked what grip she uses she said, "POLIGRIP."

Surgeons saved a Brazilian man's hand from amputation by sewing it into his belly. Now save Trump from putting his foot in his mouth. 

Dozens of cases of Burger King 'Whopper' patties were stolen from a delivery truck...After seeing what they had the robbers took the patties out and ate the box.

Three new crew members have joined the International Space Station, including a US grandfather. NASA is moving dinner up to 4pm.

Happy Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!
Give me a raisin to love it.

A puppy frozen in time for 12,400 years was thawed by scientists. In remarkable footage he is separated from a 12,400 year old fire hydrant.

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