Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Headless Man Sues Disney World

By:  Larry Hyatt

Orlando, Florida: An Idaho father of three, who lost his head in a freak potato accident, is suing Disney World after being sold a king’s crown in the Magic Kingdom.
Lawyers, under the American’s with Disabilities’ Act, took action Thursday when Disney World sold Ned Noggins a king’s crown in the Magic Kingdom gift shop, knowing Mr. Noggins didn’t have a head to place it on.

Noggins said, “Yes, I’m insulted. I’m an American. I don’t have a head, yet they took my money. I shouldn’t have to be insulted when I take my family to see Mickey Mouse. It’s goofy.”

Disney officials did apologize and called it a “very unfortunate situation.”
When asked about reprimands to any Disney employees, officials said, “Oh yes, heads are gonna’ roll. Umm, check that, we will take action.”

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