Friday, March 1, 2013

City Hall Last February

City Hall was aghast. Public Planning came to a standstill. Even the Mayor didn’t know what to do being up for re-election in just a few short months. There were wide eyes and whispers and for those who chose to ignore the incident, their silence was deafening. For there, on the table in the break room, was a chocolate cake with writing on the top that said, “Happy Black History Month.”

Who could be so insensitive, a “chocolate” cake? Why would someone turn such an innocent, party time, celebratory confection into a tool to put the politically correct on edge?

Mayor Chambers tried to disarm the situation. “Well, what do we have here a delicious looking cake? I haven’t had breakfast yet, I’ll think I’ll have a piece.”

With that, he took a knife and sliced out the word, “Black,” took a big bite and quickly went into his office.

Chet, from planning, looked at the group and followed the mayor’s lead, picked up the knife and while cutting out the words “History” and “Month” said, “Yea, this cake does look good. It’s Friday and everybody knows calories don’t count on Friday.” Quickly, he was gone.

Realizing this was the way to go, Sarah who worked the phones advanced to the table, picked up the knife and awkwardly said, “I guess I’ll be going to the gym this weekend,” and cut out the word, “Happy” and moved the piece toward her mouth.
Just then, in walked Liz, the only black employee who said, “Morning everyone did you all see the cake I brought?”
“Yes, it’s delicious,” said one “It’s beautiful,” said another and everyone moved quickly to get to their places of work.

Liz, looking down at the cake saw the hole cut out of the middle and thought, “That’s strange they cut out the words. Why on earth? Oh my, I wonder if I…Oh goodness I hope they didn’t think I wanted to… Good Lord, chocolate is my favorite.”

Nothing was said until the last day of the month when another cake was found with the very same writing. Liz, this time made a sly smile and said, “I wonder what they’ll think this time,” while placing on the table a “Coconut” cake.


  1. I agree. Calories don't count on Friday!

  2. Kitty from what I understand when you open an oreo just right the calories fall out.