Sunday, March 17, 2013

To My Love On St. Patrick's Day

I woke up feelin’ Irish today.
I hope you did by chance,
If I would not have drank so much,
I’d do the river dance.
Cause Irish now is how I feel,
Last night we were so bad-y,
Can I slap your ass, one more time?
And ask you “Who’s your Paddy?”
I’m sorry about the brawl last night,
I know you didn’t condone it.
I should have just beat up myself,
I was the best opponent.
Yes, I am Irish, I feel strong,
Completely to the bone,
I love, I fight,
I got your back,
I‘ll kiss the Blarney Stone.
Now throw the covers,
Back over our head,
We’ll hold each other and maybe,
With luck, I’ll get some Irish Spring,
Back in me ole’ shillelagh.


  1. Lol; that sounds about right Larry. Have a great day of sun and fun :)


  2. Thanks Donna, Nice to talk to you again.