Thursday, March 14, 2013

Technology to Fuse with Rose Colored Glasses

By: Larry Hyatt
Houma, LA - Dr. Rhett N’ah, an optometrist considered by peers to be on the cutting edge of Lasik, now offers his patients the chance to fuse the technology of Goggle Glasses with “rose colored glasses” giving people around the world the ability to block out information considered burdensome, thus ensuring one’s ignorance being bliss.
Dr. N’ah stated, “I am the first to do this. Basically, what I do is take away the guilt that wouldn’t compliment one’s originality while finding out the, who, what, where, when, and how, while face to face. It allows the wearer to, how should I say, keep their head in the sand, especially when another person is putting on a false pretense that could lead to personal problems down the road. That’s what I want my patience to avoid. The problems down the road.”

This and more later today….

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