Saturday, February 2, 2013

No News is Bad News

By: Larry Hyatt
New Orleans, LA:  Residents of The Crescent City are in a complete conniption.

With the tragedy of The Times Picayune, the local newspaper, cutting its circulation to three days a week and the alignment of Mardi Gras, The Super Bowl, and Crawfish season on the same weekend, millions of crawfish eaters are scrambling for newspaper to spread on tables to enjoy the Cajun delicacies.
Joey “Cooyon” St. Pierre, head boiler at the famous French Quarter eatery, The Crustacean Station, said, “Da people are freaking out. They’re in a tailspin, no pun intended. They can’t find enough paper to lay out. You should see ‘em. The people are havin’ to use the obituary section and dat’s a complete taboo. To eat on somebody’s picture when they’re dead and can’t make it, puttin’ down a photo of somebody’s loved one. That’s just not right.”

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