Friday, May 17, 2013

School Board to Remove the Sound "Bang"

           Vegan Parish, LA- After removing all references to guns in schools and suspending students for using everyday items such as pencils and fingers to play cops and robbers, gun control advocates in this small liberal town have now decided to take it a step further and ban words that make the sound “bang.”

          Beemore Stricter, School Superintendent for The Vegan School System stated, “Effective immediately, the following words will be banned in public schools: bang, bangle, whole shebang, banged (unless talking about sex between a student and teacher) gangbang (unless talking about sex between a teacher and students) and Bangkok (unless referring to one night in…)

          Mary Jo Sanders, the Vegan City Librarian said, “This is not the message we want to send our students. Banning words and censorship is not the path I would take. Now excuse me I have a tutoring session with the quarterback of the football team.”


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