Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good Luck on Tuesday

by: Larry Hyatt

The grand election is Tuesday,
I hope it’s not a booze day.
To each his own,
Who’ll gain the throne?
Well, both sides say it's doomsday.
I can’t remember a day,
When the election went away,
They don’t anymore,
And in four score,
They’ll all be back to say,

“It’s change we need,”
“For it I’ll bleed,”
“We’ve had enough,”
“The times are tough.”
“Lean forward,” 
“Wait a minute. We’re in the wrong direction.”

They’ve said this crap since I’ve been born,
I’m told was with a C-section.

“It’s the election of our lifetime,”
This time it could be true.
But I am old and what of the young?
And to whom they’re talking to?

Barack, Romney, Romney, Barack,
It’s your decision to make.
Who will be our commander- in- chief?
Our lives will be at stake.

Do pull the lever on Tuesday,
Or push the computer screen,
Your vote will count,
Whichever way,
Someone is going to scream.

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