Friday, November 16, 2012

Two days in the system

by: Larry Hyatt
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours, bored, at the DMV. It was related to an incident that had me in court today. You see, I had been the victim of two hit-and-runs in a year’s time.

I got the license plate number in the first incident but the first driver’s address was an empty lot, forcing me to buy another car. He totaled the car with which I didn’t have a note. It was my father’s car that I had received when he died. It was dear to me. When in it, my father seemed to be near.

My dad was still my co-pilot in the next car but was too dead to pay the note.
Enter hit and run #2.   

That had me in court today because I had parked that car downtown. Someone missed the curve in front of Smoky Row, slammed into my car and took off. They found that driver. Someone following got the license plate. Her insurance bought the car I drive now.

Interestingly enough, we’ll be back again in court on Valentine’s Day. The same day all the domestic disputes that pleaded not guilty at their arraignment return for their trial.

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