Monday, November 12, 2012

Gop Turns to Taco Bell

Washington, DC: The Republican Party, in a sudden shift to a more moderate policy, has turned to the mass appeal of Taco Bell to help with their new stance on immigration.

Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney issued a statement.

 “My fellow Americans, in the wake of our devastating loss of the Hispanic vote, I’m shorting the collection plate this week and buying the franchise. You want all inclusive. I’ll give you all inclusive. You want stuff. I’ll give you stuff…tacos, enchiladas… more margarita nights, not just on Thursday, all the days that ends in “Y”.

Democratic strategist Manuel Labor refuted the comment saying, “This is just another lame attempt by the Republican Party to try and politicize a menu item, far reaching its gastronomical effect on the American people. Good God, is one’s digestive system now a political issue?”

Mr. Labor, after making that statement, was caught turning to his assistant and saying in a whisper, “Romney, what an idiot. He should have offered the chimichanga.”

This and more later today.


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