Sunday, November 3, 2013

Her Candy is Gone

Her candy is gone
Now I am screwed.
The Snickers,
Those 3 guys
And the nougat, too.

I did probe.
I did squander.
Her bag I did launder.
My granddaughters pissed
I thought I was stronger.

What was I thinking?
She knew what she had
She counted each morsel
As Paw Paw I’m bad.

The wrappings what got me
Deep in the trash.
She noticed,
She yelled,
“Who took my stash?”

The screams,
The horror,
The pint sized
Was deafening.
Help me,
I'll run for the border.

But wait, she says, “Paw Paw
I think I now could.
You missed one, a Hershey’s,
It tastes, oh so good.”

“I forgive you my Paw Paw,
But don’t be a repeater,
Cause I’ll cut off your hands
If you do it on Easter.”

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