Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saints Cheerleader Bullies Uncovered in NFL Football Scandal

NEW OREANS, LA- Recent reports of the NFL bullying scandal has prompted us to look further into the NFL Football League and have uncovered, with hidden cameras, a bigger bullying scandal inside the Saintsation locker room, exposing a mean girl environment deeply hidden inside their sisterhood.

The video recordings of these professional NFL Cheerleaders engaging in misconduct, has created a firestorm in such places as Hooters, Twin Peaks, and the new “Thanks for the Mammary” restaurant in Houma, causing wait staff to pick sides.

Upon seeing the grainy recording, Lotta Upfront, Regional Manager of the “Thanks For,” in Houma, and former Saintsation, said, “Oh, please. Girls will be girls and if the rookies can’t take a little prodding from the veterans they should get out of the kitchen. Or, maybe they should find a man, a kitchen, and stay in it.”

Teal Green, a Hooter Girl, who recently quit the squad, said, “The trash talk was very detrimental. I can dance. I’m pretty. I’m special. I like myself, and I will find someone who can love me for me….That’s all I have to say… Excuse me… I feel a good cry coming on.”

When confronted with the report, an official from the Saints organization replied, “We are looking into the matter, but we really don’t concern ourselves with what happens with the Saintsations, unless of course it involves a paternity suit. But, we would like to know how the hell you got that tape. Officer, over here, please.”

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