Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oh Crap.

            Today I’ll have a book signing. Well, somewhat. All the Muddy Bayou Press authors will be at Southdown Market Place with their books and latest releases. The event is rather large and close friends, people I haven’t seen in quite some time, and listeners who didn’t know I wrote a book might attend. I’m excited. I’ll have a pen. (Last night I kept dreaming I was late. Obstacles kept keeping me from my destination. You with me here?)

            I’ve made personal appearances thousands of times. Yes, I said that correctly, thousands of times, yet I couldn’t sleep last night because of today. Working in radio puts egos in check. Well, most. I’ve learned this through the years. You make plenty of friends in radio. It won’t make you a star.

            When I go to a grand opening of the new floral department in the latest grocery, no one will attend to see if my petunia is in bloom. They might run into me and find out how the red fern grows, but the rose one seeks will be because of its charm, its grace, its personality.

            A star is a person who attracts people just by being there. Of course, if no one shows, I can blame it on the other authors.

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