Saturday, January 5, 2013

Five Days In

Five days ago I awoke positive of the new beginning. Anticipating the promise I  stacked the deck by running a 15k three days earlier that almost killed me, believing it is how you end the year that counts, too.
But, on January 1st, cleaning the carport, waiting for the family to show up, I noticed our lawn mower was stolen, again. I thought I was smarter but this year the thieves just cut the lock.
January 2nd, I noticed my car’s transmission was slipping. The transmission fluid on my driveway explained that problem. (This is the car I had to buy after the hit and run last year.)
On the 3rd, I tried cooking macaroni and cheese for my three year old granddaughter, the single serve that she loves so much, but the inside of the microwave caught on fire. It was rather cool for her see the fireworks she missed on New Year’s Eve because she was sick but she really wanted the macaroni and cheese. I explained that the microwave is broken and she innocently asked, “Paw Paw, does it need batteries?”
January 4th, my wife and I, both home for lunch wanted to toast bread for a sandwich but, are you with me here? The toaster was toasted.
Now, today is my wife’s birthday and today I realize that whatever life throws at me I can handle as long as she is near.
My favorite “wife story” is from when I met her. I was the emcee at a nightclub. Hanging at the bar, watching the singers perform, she walked in the room. Astonished at something that can be so beautiful, I asked, “Who… is… that?”  The bartender, replied, “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out,” and he was gone.
So let’s sum up my year, five days in.
Lawn mower- $150.00
Toaster- $24.99… Maybe?
My wife…Priceless...Absolutely.

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