Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tour de What?

When the famed cyclist Lance Armstrong, in his last Tour de France, (Pronounced “frahnz” for this story) fell off his bike, picked it up, ran to a pizza parlor, ordered a large thin crust veggie and while carrying it and his broken bike won the race, I thought, “He could be doping.”
For years I thought it was the French who was diss-in’ our boy, the Testicular Cancer survivor who seven consecutive times won the (say it right) Tour de France. I guess my American pride kept me in the dark.
Striped of his titles he now gets a second chance with Oprah and the millions who will watch the interview this week. It’s expected he will come clean, fix the flat, get his axle out of a crack, tighten the nut… wait, forget that one. Basically, explain why the wheels stopped turning.
I’m curious. This man is/was a role model to all cancer survivors. He founded the Livestrong Foundation and has raised millions of dollars for charity and sure played the part of a winner.
I hope he explains how Armstrong can have such a weak head.

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