Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The NRA in Dancing Now

Washington DC:  Michelle Obama, in a move to get gun control advocates to join her fight against America’s obesity, has joined with producers of “Dancing With the Stars,” and will now shoot at people to inspire them to exercise.
The First Lady said, “Barack and I feel this can be a non-partisan issue in which everyone can agree. People against gun control can shoot others yet still be health conscious while people for gun control can get their groove on.”
Judge Bruno acclaimed, “This is unprecedented in the dancing world, sexy yet edgy, thrusting hips, swiveling bodies, coming together in an erotic journey of pulsations, not to mention those moves trying to get out of the way of freakin’ bullets and good god man, they say it takes two to tango, I’m putting my money on Siamese Twins.”

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