Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lady Gaga to Perform at Inaugural

In a move to build on the excitement of Aretha Franklin’s hat from the last Presidential Inaugural, singer/dancer, and meat wearing fashionista, Lady Gaga will perform for President Obama when he takes the oath of office for a second time.

Liberals, a few Conservative teenagers, and butchers from across the nation are very excited about the “prime-select” and think it’s an excellent “choice.”

Gaga, who recently was chided buy the left for wearing a gun bra in the wake of new gun control laws said, “The performance will be Gaga-fab-a-lish-ous and will truly express what is to come politically in the next four years. I, along with the girl who’s married to Jay-Z…uh…what’s her name again? Beyonce? And that other girl singer, Katy Mary…We are gonna set DC on fire.”

When asked what to expect from her performance, Gaga said, “A lot of symbolism. I’m coming out wearing money; cash on my private places, representing the stimulus with a huge tree on my head. My dancers, dressed as the little people, will represent the 97% and clamor for the cash in a musical array of dance moves and lights.”

One Inaugural official stated, “We expect Lady Gaga to bring a subtle approach. The folks are hurting out there. Now’s not the time party."

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  1. Yes. We can always count on Lady G to bring the subtle approach ;)