Sunday, June 23, 2013

60 Seconds Inside a Blonde's Head

I’m so excited. Independence Day is coming and it’s on the 4th of July, again. I love it when that happens…I’m sure glad I’m independent… and young… and pretty… I don’t answer to anybody but my sugar daddy…Gosh, I remember having to answer those pageant questions. They were tough.  I mean, come on. ”What do you think about global warming?” Well duh, in the winter it’s OK …I am so glad July’s not in winter, I wouldn’t be able to wear red, white, and blue and it’s not very slimming… unless you wear it in a bathing suit competition… and you rock it out…yeah! Rock it out, for all the people, oh come all ye faithful!…Wait a minute, that’s Christmas…Well then rock it out with fireworks and Katy Perry, Woo hoo...Humm, I wonder what my sugar daddy’s gonna bring me for Christmas…


  1. *shakes head in confusion*


  2. "Then tilts head and brain starts to leak out."