Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Old Broad Looks Good at 75

Dreams of the young don’t die with age and when they’re dreams of the stage they may never turn the page.

             I know firsthand the sound of the darkness, the applause that beckons the thespian who craves approval. When thunderous, and heard in the rafters, it can bring an acceptance like no other. I’ve also known the more quaint laughter and the subtle tear of a smaller group, an audience one might call petit.

            This weekend Le Petit Theatre De Terrebonne celebrates 75 years in existence and to all that have graced that playhouse, on stage and off, I thank you. I’ve seen many and with Facebook have discovered dreams are still alive. I like that.

            Thank you Terrebonne for your community theatre, the dramas, the musicals, rehearsals, backstage conversations, the wishing for another week, the laughter, tears, and especially the memories of sharing a passion with people who also continue to have a love they can’t explain, a love with which we cannot turn the page.

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