Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekend Dad

           With Father’s Day approaching I wanted to tell you a story of a nine year old boy who loved his weekend dad very much and missed him dreadfully when he was gone. Interestingly though, his father wasn’t a weekend dad because of divorce, he was a weekend dad because of his quest for more.
            His father would leave each week, work hard, and come home with all the things he thought made his family complete. His wife was long satisfied with the new things she received and enjoyed the status quo. His teenage daughter didn’t care if he was gone anymore, and hung out with her high school friends. Even his older son had long ago quit wondering about what his dad was up to and was now looking to get out on his own.
             So, to keep himself busy during the week, and out from under his mother’s feet, the young boy would do odd jobs around the neighborhood. He’d cut grass or go to the golf course and help out there, collecting golf balls that were hit out of bounds, even give a few to his father and sell the rest. He even made cupcakes with his mother and would sell them to kids in the neighborhood who wanted them as an afternoon snack. He learned by example and worked hard just like his dad.
             Father’s Day was weeks away and instead of giving his father the usual gift such as a tie or pen set, he started listening to his father more intently on weekends; in case he mentioned something that he might want, so he could surprise him with something extra special, something he would really enjoy. The weekend before Father’s Day he got the idea for the perfect gift.
             It was Father’s Day morning and he waited for his dad to awake for he would never wake his dad on “sleep” day.  A hot cup of coffee, fixed the way his dad enjoyed it, was sitting on the table.
             His dad, groggy eyed, smiled when he saw the coffee and a present haphazardly wrapped in paper that had a golf design. “That’s my hard working boy,” he thought.
              “Good morning dad. Happy Father’s Day.”
              “Good morning to you, too son. Is that for me?” He asked, playing along with the morning’s event.”
              “Yeah, dad, I got it special.”
               “Well, let me see inside.”
              His father ripped the paper off the box, opened it, and saw an envelope. Reaching into the box he heard his son say, “Go ahead dad. Open it. Hurry, dad. I know it’s what you want.”
              His father opened the envelope and inside was money.
                “Do you like it dad? Do you like it?” he asked, happy at what he did.
               “Well, sure I do son,” he replied, but confused he asked,” Why did you decide to give me your money
              The little boy looked in his father’s eyes and said, “It’s what you always say you never have enough of.”


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